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Missoula, MT 59802
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July 9-14, 2017

  • Registration
  • Housing
  • Child Care
  • Meals

Tuition Fees

  • Pre-Twinkle (those who have not yet mastered the Twinkle variations): $300.00
  • Book 1-3: $390.00
  • Book 4-6: $460.00
  • Advanced (Book 7 and above): $560.00; includes 2 enrichment classes
  • Enrichment Classes: $50.00 per class
    • Additional $10.00 supply fee for art.
    • Most students are able to take 1-2 enrichment classes if they choose.
    • Parents and siblings of registered students can also take enrichment classes: $50.00 per class
  • Every Child Can: $100.00
  • Book 1 Teacher Training: $580.00
  • Book 3 Teacher Training: $425.00

Registration Fees

  • Student: $75.00 first child, $25.00 each additional child.
  • Teacher Observer: $50.00; for adults (not including parents) who would like to observe the institute classes.
  • Early Bird Registration: Up until April 15 - $25 discount!
  • Regular Registration: April 16 through May 31
  • Late Registration: June 1 through July 9 - $25 late fee assessed.

Cancellation Policy

A refund of all fees paid, excluding registration fee, will be given only if notice of cancellation is received in writing on or before June 1, 2017. Due to commitments to faculty and travel arrangements, persons who withdraw after June 1st forfeit all fees. There is a $40 charge for returned checks.

Housing is available only a few steps away from the Music Building in the University of Montana dorms. Check-in begins on Sunday and check-out is on Saturday. The cost of University housing is:

  • $210.00/person/week for double rooms ($420.00/week for two people)- No more than 2 people per room in accordance with Missoula fire regulations.
  • $285.00/week for single rooms

Please note that if a single room is requested but more than one person stays in it, an extra fee will be assessed by the University during the Institute. University policy states that no student under the age of 18 may stay in a dorm without adult supervision

No changes can be made to reservations after June 1st. Reservations will be cancelled if not paid on or before June 1st. Payment is required by this date and is not refundable by the University.

An alternative to University housing are nearby hotels within walking distance of the Music Building:

Parent involvement is encouraged, but child care options are available. CONTACT US for details.

Meal passes are a very convenient option for those attending the Institute. Meal passes to the University Dining Service’s Food Zoo are $108.00/person/week. There is no charge for children ages 3 and under.

A lunch-only pass may be purchased for $31.00 for the week; Wednesday lunch is not included. This is a good option for people not staying on campus.

Meal passes begin with supper on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. Purchased meal passes provide 15 meals (starting with dinner on Sunday through breakfast Saturday). Lunch and dinner on Wednesday are not included (afternoon off).

Meals may also be purchased individually at the walk-in price instead of purchasing a pass for the week.